About Best Practice Guide

The DOAJ Best Practice Guide is a web resource that provides selection criteria for the identification of reputable open access journals to support researchers, publishers and librarians in their search of best practice and transparency standards.

It is an attempt to collect discussions about open access to publications and its development. It is developed by the DOAJ team based on existing and new information, and is updated regularly by the DOAJ Team.

This resource supports the work of the DOAJ Ambassadors as well as academics, librarians and publishers worldwide. Based on the information provided on the For Publishers page on the DOAJ website and the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing, it aims to do the following:

  • Highlight the issue of questionable publishing practices;
  • Provide a checklist of criteria to help identify questionable publishers based on guidelines for editors working with applications to DOAJ;
  • Identify other tools that assist in making informed decisions on where to submit articles for publication. based on the ThinkCheckSubmit initiative;
  • Contain case studies and examples gathered by DOAJ over 13 years of operation.

If you know of other resources that should be included here, then do please contact us.